Cloud-based Assignment Dispatching provides everything needed to manage documents, create invoices, and communicate in real-time.

Customize for line of business, assignment type & industry nomenclature.

AssignLinQ Features

Learn about AssignLinQ's several features and how it can be incorporated to your business model.

pie charts and a bar chart describing claim counts


AssignLinq for TimesManager™ provides a client portal to allow a client to login and assign a claim, subrogation, desktop review, appraisal request, surveillance or any other type of assignment for dispatch.

Client portals are configurable and can be prepared to provide the assignment of whatever types of claims are being offered by that client. For example an insurer might only have auto and general liability claims, while an investigator will receive surveillance requests. Desktop reviews and subrogation will have a completely different field set to capture relevant information, all by assignment type and all controllable.



An electronic platform specifically designed for insurers and risk managers. Assign appraisal request, subrogation, bill review, private investigative surveillance, and all requests.

  • Individual and fully customizable portals
  • Configure to use specific languages and nomenclature
  • Follow assignment progression with real-time visibility
  • Easily integrate and synchronize with Microsoft Outlook


Since 1993


Assign to your own employees or external vendors for appraisals, reviews, investigations, subrogation and the list goes on...

  • Complete with billing component, supporting documents, accounts receivables and payments
  • Direct plug-in for Quickbooks and other accounting products like TABS3
  • Invoice verification prior to sending with pre-bill
  • A revolutionary approach for investigation and dispatch assignment efficiency