AssignlinQ Overview

What is AssignlinQ

JDI Data, the same company that brought you CTrax Certificate of Insurance tracking has released AssignlinQ; ‘Your portal to send, receive and manage assignments via a seamless dispatch portal.’ Much like CTrax, AssignlinQ requires no complex or additional technology to be used and helps make the daily runnings of your work day simpler, easier and more efficient. So what is AssignlinQ? And how can it help you?

What can AssignlinQ do?

AssignlinQ allows the user to gain access via its cloud-based server and the whole process is effortless as there are no installations required to make use of the software. AssignlinQ for TimesManager™ can assist with the following;

  • receive
  • upload reports, photos, and
  • manage documents and invoices
  • create invoices and AR
  • provide direct vendor access
  • easily integrate with accounting

Client Portal

The user interface gives access to the client portal where the user can log in and assign a claim, subrogation, desktop review, appraisal request and surveys any other type of assignment for dispatch. The user interface offers up two different types of portal. A client portal and an admin portal. The client portal is designed for insurers and risk managers and allows them to assign an appraisal request, reviews bills, PI surveillance and subrogation.

Admin Portal

The admin portal allows the user to assign to their employees or external vendors for appraisals, reviews, subrogations, and investigations, plus much more. The basics of the admin portal come complete with billing that covers receivables and payments and is a direct plugin for Quickbooks and many other accounting products. You will also be provided with invoice verification prior to sending with the pre-bill feature, and investigative features for dispatch assignment efficiency.

Cloud-based Technology

Like CTrax COI tracking software, AssignlinQ is cloud-based and allows easy access at any time of the day from wherever you may be. Cloud-based technology allows the user to login via any device and provides a secure and modern approach that creates a more user-friendly experience. The program can also be accessed via a mobile app means you can access what you need when on the move.

Main Components of the program

AssignlinQ has many useful features that prove to be beneficial for those working in the insurance sectors. Many of the specifically designed elements help with arranging, storing and managing all of your important documents. These include but are not limited to;

  • Dispatch appraisal
  • Assign subrogations
  • Bill reviews
  • Manage Salvage
  • Surveillance
  • Document management
  • Pinpointed activity via Google maps
  • Synchronization with common appraisal programs
  • Time and Billing
  • Calendaring
  • Management reports
  • Mail merge

AssignlinQ will help you save the man hours involved with all of the complex and time-consuming tasks involved in your daily schedule by accumulating and gathering all your documents into one easy to manage location. The time saved can be used to focus on other areas of business that require closer scrutiny or improvement and can help increase productivity and profit.


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