Why is AssignlinQ your best option?

Why You Should Use AssignlinQ


If you are looking for an assignment dispatch portal that can help you maximize profits while reducing the amount of manual effort involved, then AssignlinQ will prove to be the best choice for your requirements.

The AssignlinQ system is works in conjunction with TimesManager and requires zero extra technology or specialized software to operate. AssignlinQ provides client portals that allow the client to log in from wherever they may be and assign a claim, subrogation, desktop review, make an appraisal request, perform surveillance or any other type of assignment for dispatch. As AssignlinQ operates via a cloud-based server, it can be accessed 24/7 and from any country around the world. The client portals are completely configurable and allow the user to customize to provide assignments of whatever type of claim is being offered by the client.

The admin portal in AssignlinQ allows the user to access billing options, supporting documents, and accounts receivables and payables. It also offers invoice verification before issuing pre-bills and assists with the investigation and assignment dispatch. Making it easy to assign to company employees and external vendors alike for appraisals, reviews, subrogation, and investigations helps create an effortless user experience that can help reduce man hours while increasing potential profit margins.

Since AssignlinQ is a plugin, there is no need for any technical installations and it is designed to work seamlessly with Quickbooks, TAB3 and other accounting products. With an easy to understand user interface, learning how to use AssignlinQ becomes a simple process, though should you face any issues or have trouble understanding, the JDI Data Corporation customer support team will guide you through the process.

AssignlinQ allows you to easily view important information such as client count by status, claim count by assignment type, claim count by cause of loss and claims by days. The visual data offered up on screen helps make quick work of what used to be time-consuming tasks. The ability to be able to quickly and easily upload reports, photos, videos, and audio help bring all of the vital documents and pieces of information together in one easy to access place.

Being cloud-based means that your documents and sensitive information are protected by a secure server and allow the client or vendor to access the information they need with a few clicks of a button. As the amount of manual input is decreased dramatically, it allows for staff to better utilize their time on more profitable aspects of their work.

Having access to a friendly user interface that allows you to manage your documents, data, files, invoices and payments online removes the need for multiple software programs and can help reduce the amount of money expended on individual programs. AssignlinQ is an affordable and invaluable system for those in the insurance industry that will help create smooth workflow and provide time and money saving benefits.

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